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testimonialsOur testimonials are of the utmost importance to us. We want all of our new clients to have full confidence in us when working with us. Debt collection can be a difficult and sometimes lengthy process and we ask all of our existing and new clients to be as patient and understanding as possible.

All cases differ in nature. Just a third party intervention can often prompt payment from a more timid debtor. In other cases we may come up against a formidable opponent whom requires more work and the possibility of legal action. No legal action would ever be taken without out clients authority. Many of our testimonials below have required varying levels of action.

The majority of the testimonials above are clients that have used us strictly on a no-win no-fee basis. We charge on a commission basis starting at 8% for UK recoveries ranging through 12%, 16% and 20% for overseas debt recovery.

Although more difficult a substantial amount of our core work is international debt collection. It seems that just a little distance between working relationships give debtors more confidence to ignore creditors and debt recovery agencies. At debt collection (Europe) Ltd we use agents all over the world. This bridges the gap between us and carries a great deal more weight when trying to recover monies that are owed.

We are more than happy for new clients to talk to any of our testimonials. If you require this please do contact us on 0800 009 0609 or email us at