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Tenant Screening

Tennant Screening is a unique opportunity not offered anywhere else on the market.

60% of enquires we have received in 2014 are for non-paying tenants. It is the fastest growing debt market in the United Kingdom. The very nature of the beast spells potential trouble. It is difficult debt to collect for very obvious reasons.

Do you you want to sleep easily at night? Knowing that your monthly property rental is going to be paid. We offer a ‘Screening Process’ that takes away your heartache. We offer a guarantee that should your tenant fall behind with their rent we pick up the bill.

We verify your tenant prior to them moving into your property. Providing they meet with our criterior, then should they not pay, we pay.



  • Name check
  • Passport check
  • Previous Landlord check
  • Financial check
  • Employment check
  • Guarantor check

This is a completely unique opportunity to have complete peace of mind. This is not being offered anywhere else on the market. Think of it as an insurance policy.

If you have further questions about the above then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 009 6090 or email us at