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Rent Arrears Collection

Rent Arrears Collection:

Rent arrears collection is the fastest area of debt problems in the United Kingdom are non payment of property debt. When dealing with the non-payer it is so important to stamp on the problem NOW! If you delay, the problem will escalate, it will escalate out of control. We see a number of these problems every week and often we are contacted when the debt has just spiralled to a point when realistically it is not collectable in the short term.

Often creditors/landlords contact us once the tenants have vacated a property. They often have a money Judgement but just don’t know how to enforce the action?
Do you need a Section 8 or 21 Notice served on your non-paying tenant? This notice will emphasise the point that they either need to pay their rent or vacate the property. Most non-paying tenants will leave the property once either of the above notices are served. In the event they choose not to leave, we will obtain possession of your property through the Court system. This may well require the use of Bailiffs to evict them. At Forensic Collections we will, trace the debtor, enforce the debt, set up payment schedules and manage the account for you. Don’t be under any illusion these debts are difficult to manage and difficult to collect. However we pride ourselves in being able to collect your money.

Any process requiring court assistance can be stressful. No one likes going to court even if you are the claimant. Often your property is damaged during the uncertainty of a tenant vacating, your property is a valuable asset. We have a specialist team that only recover monies from non-paying tenants. They have an expert knowledge of how to trace absconding tenants.

If you require our assistance in recovering your unpaid rent, we would need the following information from you in order to proceed with a collection.

  • Your full contact details?rent-arrears-collection
  • The Debtors/Tenants details, e-mail address, phone, occupation, work address?
  • Details of the debt, how old, how much?
  • A short resume as to how the arrears have mounted up?
  • What efforts you have made to recover the debt?
  • Is there a guarantor involved, if so their contact details?

In a perfect world we would like all of the above, however because of the nature of the debt, often Landlords only have a name and a mobile number. Don’t despair, we can still possibly recover your money.

If you find yourself with a non-paying tenant or maybe an absconding tenant, maybe you have a Judgement? Maybe you don’t know where the tenant has gone? Whatever the circumstances, call us and we will advise and give you your options: Tel:0800 009 6090 or e-mail: