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Overseas Debt Collection

overseas-debt-collectionOverseas debt collection presents it’s own set of problems. Once we venture off this island, we are reliant on the expertise of our Agents that collect on our behalf. You have the benefit of their local knowledge, speaking the language of the debtor and an understanding of the local court system and the problems that brings.

Our overseas debt collection service still works on our no-win no-fee ethos. Percentages start a little bit high than in the UK at 12% due to the difficult nature that debt recovery across the world brings. This rises through 16% for further away countries that speak English. For the really far off countries that have not only different languages but completely alien laws to the UK the commission is 20% this can sometimes rise to 30% but this is only in very rare overseas debt collection cases.

We are able to tap into 25 offices spread though out the world and for that reason, if you have a slow or non payer, please call us for an impartial chat to see if we can assist with your non paying client.

For further information on international collections, cost and process go to: International Debt Collection or call us on 0800 009 0609 or email us at