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How To Collect Debts

One stop shop to learn how to collect debts!

Collecting debts is not an easy process. We have a team of experts at Forensic Collections Ltd that are dedicated to this process. There is nothing our consultants haven’t seen. We have heard every excuse and until the debtor has paid we treat all promises of payment as untrue.

You should be exercising best practice before you have a slow or non-payer. Credit checking all your new or potential clients is the most effective way of doing this. This is a debt collection service that we provide.

how to collect debts1. Chase your invoices as soon as they become due.

2. Keep a check list of all actions taken.

3. Make a note of all e-mails, letters and phone calls made chasing the outstanding invoice.

4. Make sure you are talking to the decision maker. The “MAN” (Money Authority Need) Who writes the cheque?

5. Investigate costs for out sourcing the collection.

6. Consider visiting the debtor.

7. Try and broker a deal with the debtor.

8. Offer a payment schedule.

9. Stop further credit, don’t expose your business to further losses.

10. If all the above fail to bring payment.

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