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High Court Enforcement

high-court-enforcementAt Forensic Collections Ltd we highly recommend the use of the High Court Enforcement Officers, as they are supremely effective when other methods fail. After we have successfully obtained a County Court Judgement for in excess of £600, we advise that raising the judgement to a High Court Writ is in most cases the best course of action. Once the Writ has been issued the High Court Enforcement Officers enforce said Writ.

The governance for High Court Enforcement was written many years ago so the sheriffs are armed with far superior powers over that of the County Court Bailiffs making them the obvious choice.

All costs bar a small document preparation fee are added to the debt and are recovered from the debtor.

Once full payment has been recovered from the debtor all that remains to be paid is our 8% commission on the monies that have been collected. This is only paid once the collection by the High Court Enforcement Officers has been successful. This proves that we still only work on a no-win no-fee basis on all cases.

Unfortunately sometimes the above can take time, but it is worth taking the time to recover money that is otherwise uncollectible as by this point in the collection process your options are becoming fewer and fewer.

Depending on the case our team of debt recovery specialists will advice you on the best course of action that needs to be taken. No case is ever the same. We do our due diligence on each debtor. It is our job to find out if this is right for you. There are a few factors that we look for:

  • Does the debtor own anything?
  • Does the debtor have a car?
  • Does the debtor have a mortgage?
  • Is the debtor a sol trader?

All of the above may make the collection process differ. That is where we would advise our client of best practice. The fact that we are strictly no-win no-fee means this initial consultation costs you nothing unlike if you were to go to a solicitor who would be on the clock as soon as a line of communication is opened.

If you have a County Court Judgement and don’t know how to take it further why not give us a call for free now on 0800 009 6090 or email us at one of our in house debt collection specialists will be more than happy to give you free no obligation advice.