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No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee – No up front charges:

Debt Collection offer a ‘No Win No Fee‘ solution to your slow and non-paying customers. At Forensic Collections Ltd we do not charge up front administration fees. A number of alternative companies found on the Internet will advertise a ‘No Win No Fee’, service but immediately charge a one-off life time fee.

Let us now emphasize there are – ‘NO UP FRONT FEES’.We feel upfront fees take away the incentive for a debt collection agency to strive to collect the outstanding monies. Call Now to find out how we could help you. Call Now: Free Phone: 0800 009 6090
Debt collection and recovery is seldom a straight forward process. Every collection is different and as a rule there are often reasons for non-payment. We like to offer a bespoke service often brokering a deal between the two parties involved. We start the process without any up front administration charges and all being well you will simply pay our rate of commission which will have been decided between us and our client before the process gets under way.


On occasions a debtor will be stubborn for a whole variety of reasons most probably due to not having funds to settle the outstanding debt. If this is the case, we discuss your options and move forward as swiftly as possible. In most cases this would be the intervention of the Legal system. We would never enter into legal action without the authorization of our client. The legal action can take several routes. Either through the County Court with the serving of a Summons followed by enforcement action by way of the High Court Enforcement Officer. Or if the debt is uncontested, we would serve a Statutory Demand and seek either a Bankruptcy or Winding Up order.

We pride ourselves in competitive rates of commission. If you would like an informal chat to find out how we can possibly help. Call Now: Free Phone 0800 009 6090