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International Debt Collection and Recovery

International Debt Collection and Recovery - 'No Win No Fee'

International CollectionsAt Forensic Collections we recover money from none paying companies on a global scale. International debt collection is never easy, however we take a firm but fair approach when dealing with slow or none payers. Often all that is needed, is a gentle nudge from a third party. We offer international debt recovery as a ‘No Win No Fee’ collection process with overseas commissions starting from 12%.

International Debt Collection and Recovery are made from: Asia – Africa – South America – Central America – North America – Europe – Oceania – Middle East.

The rate of commission charged for international collections start from 12% which covers Europe and many surrounding countries rising to a maximum of 30% of any monies recovered for more far away locations. All documentation, e-mails, letters and legal procedures are translated into the debtor’s mother tongue. Which assists in the court process where we have a non-collection situation that needs to go to litigation.

Debt Collection China - 'No Win No Fee'

China Debt CollectionCollection in China, the home to one and a half billion people is possible but not always straight forward. Debt Collection Europe have a number of agents based in the major cities who work along side a team of english speaking Lawyers. Our collection commission for recovery in China is 30% of any monies collected. In China Debt Collection and Recovery is prohibited by a debt collection company. However Lawyers are allowed to recover debt. Therefore Debt Collection uses firms of Solicitors based in the major cities. All are English speaking.

Debtors in China are not as a rule used to paying late payment interest or costs attached to the recovery process especially if the debt is paid off in the required time scale.
Any judgment must be complied with. In the event of the debtor not paying the judgment, an application can be made to the Peoples Court for execution. At this point any costs although paid by the claimant upfront will be paid by the debtor under direction from the Judge.

Debt Collection in Dubai - 'No Win No Fee'

dubai UAE Debt RecoveryDubai, United Arab Emirates and the Middle East

We successfully collect debts not only from Dubai but from all over the Middle Eastern region. We have collected hundreds of thousands from this part of the world. It is never easy, yet with careful planning and consideration of the current world economic climate and an understanding of how business is conducted in the Middle East enable success in this area. In recent times we have had a 95% collection rate in Dubai. Our success in this region has come down to dogged determination and not giving up. In the UAE it is easy to be given incorrect information and the Arabs are notorious for using the language and lack of understanding as a reason not to pay. For further information on how we can possibly help, call now. 0843 289 5526

Debt Recovery France - 'No Win No Fee'

france debt collectionThe financial system in France is rather like the United Kingdom twenty years ago. Although a debtor maybe just across the English Channel it still can be tricky collecting debts from anywhere outside of the United Kingdom. However with agents based in the major cities we have the advantage over other collection and recovery companies. Speaking and writing the language again gives this company the edge over it’s competition. If you are experiencing slow or non-paying customers contact us sooner rather than later. Our French office is located in west France in the city of Toulouse. The process of taking court proceedings for collection of a debt is as follows. Firstly what is called a Formal Demand is sent to the debtor notifying the debtor in writing of the debt and the creditors demand for payment. This demand for payment is called ‘mis en demeure’. It is normally sent by registered mail or served by a ‘huissier’ our equivalent to a Process Server. In the event of no response to the ‘mis en demeure’ and the matter is not disputed. Court action can proceed. This action is called ‘injunction de payer’. At this stage, the claim is prosented to the court and evidence in the form of contracts or invoices are introduced. The document used for this process is called Cerfa no:12948*01. The debtor is not informed of this action and a Solicitor is not necessary. At this stage the case is put before a Judge and he decides if the debt/claim is valid. If a court order is granted it is called ‘ordonnance portent injunction de payer’. The final stage is enforcement of the debt. The papers will be served on the debtor by the ‘Huissier'(Process Server). This action must be taken within six months of the Judgement being granted. Like in the United Kingdom it is important to serve the documents on the correct person. In the event of non-payment following this action. The creditor can apply to the court for Execution of the order. Bank accounts can be frozen and assets taken to pay off the debt. Call us for further information. 0843 2895526

Debt Recovery Italy - 'No Win No Fee'

italy debt collectionRecovering money in Italy is an area where we work closely with Italian Lawyers. In Italy at the present time, debt is abundant. We have found through dogged determination and persistence success has been gained. Collection can be made as quickly as 30 days just depending on how we are recieved by the debtor and if we have to go down the legal route. Costs depend on the amount to be collected. Fees are calculated as the process unfolds which can make it tricky to give a firm figure from day one. Additional costs can arise with the introduction of specialist witnesses etc.

Based here in the United Kingdom we think we are seeing economic hardship, however Italy like many other countries are seeing large unemployment along with larger debt problems. We at Debt Collection Europe have a number of collections proceeding at the present time. In excess of 150,000 Italian companies have gone bust. If the matter requires the help of the Legal system. We would advise as to costings before the legal action got underway.  If you find yourself with a problem debt in Italy. Call us for an informed chat about how we can possibly help. Our offices in Italy are located south of Turin

Debt Collection Portugal - 'No Win No Fee'

Portugal Debt CollectionPortugal attracts a commission of 16% on any monies recovered. The Portuguese litigation system works in a similar manner to our own County Court system based here in the UK. Our Lawyers based in southern Portugal offer a most competitive litigation service administered from our own legal department based here in the UK. The Portuguese legal system has had a torrid time of late with many courts being closed down and centralised. This has had a massive effect on the speed of getting cases through the courts. However its not impossible and we regularly have success.

Debt Collection Spain 'No Win No Fee'

spain debt collection

Spain like the rest of the world is in economic crisis.  However, with determination and knowledge Debt Collection Europe Ltd. have been able to recover substantial monies owed to clients on a regular basis.When it comes to trying to recover money owed internationally it can often seem a daunting and complicated task. Language barriers, an unfamiliar legal system and misinformation can often lead businesses and individuals to losing faith in recovering their debts.

This does not have to be the case. Our dedicated International team is trained in the procedures that need to be implemented in the Spanish legal system to efficiently and correctly recover debts. They work in tandem with our local agents located in Spain to locate debtors, translate documentation and serve the relevant documents required to collect your money.

As with all debts we will contact the debtor with a demand for payment backed up with the evidence provided from the client with a clear timeline for contacting us to resolve the matter.  If this does not prove effective we will then advise the client on the necessary action and costs involved.

In the Spanish court system, there are specific procedures that we can utilize and can be summarized as follows.


Proceso Monitorio

This is a quick process method in the Spanish Courts. This procedure applies to monetary debts not exceeding €250,000, which are overdue and can be proved to be claimable and is credited by documents. The paperwork is then filed with the court.

This then gives the debtor 20 days to pay the debt or to challenge it.

If no response is given by the debtor, the Judge will issue the execution of the debt. The enforcement order has a validity of 5 years.

If the debtor opposes to the debt claim, the process will follow the usual court procedures to recognize debts in which a Judge will rule about the existence of such debt, which in accordance to the amount of the debt will be followed by the Juicio Verbal (debts up to €6,000) or Juicio Ordinario (debts over €6,000 or unable to be determined in advance)

As with all work we carry out on behalf of our clients we operate on a ‘No Win No Fee’ policy and our typical commission for international transactions start from 12% of monies recovered.


Contact us now and let us help you recover your money today.

International Commission Rates & Commission Rates on a Global Scale:

Debt Collection Europe have a scale of charges for commission on International collections: Rates start from 12% and rise to 30% depending on what part of the world the debt occurs. At times these rates can change. For further information and a commission rate guide please Call Now on Free Phone: 0800 009 6090  e-mail:

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