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Debt Collection Services

Consumer Debt Recovery

One of our main debt collection services is collect both commercial and consumer debt. Our highly skilled team of collectors can deal with one case or multiple. We are able to collect not only ‘business to business’ slow or non-payers but also slow or non-paying consumer problems. Consumer recovery and collection can be fraught with its own set of problems. Our recovery service is based on a ‘No Win No fee’, with no administration fees and no hidden costs. Cash flow is very important in these difficult economical times we live in. We have a relentless approach to collecting your money. Often starting with our in house tracing facilities, through the collection process, court procedures and finally to the High Court Enforcement Officer. If your money can be recovered we will recover it. Rent arreas or simply an un paid loan to a friend, however your problem came about, contact us if your money needs to be recovered.

Debt Collection

Debt Collection Partners offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ service with commissions in the United Kingdom charged at 8% of any monies recovered. We are firm but fair and are here to not only recover your money but often broker a deal between the two parties. Our collection services range from letters, e-mail, telephone and visits depending what is required to recover your money. In the event that none of these collection methods are successful, we would have discussions with our client to decide the pros and cons of taking the matter to litigation. No legal action would ever be taken with out the authorization of our client. For further information on how we can possibly help you.

County Court Judgments

County Court Judgments can be an effective tool in dealing with a non-paying customer. At Forensic Collections, if the debt situation is not clear-cut we use the County Court system and issue a Summons against the debtor. It is a simple and inexpensive way of putting a case before a Judge in order for him to decide if money is owed. Debt Collection Europe will issue the Summons on our clients behalf, taking them through the County Court process and if necessary attend court. Possibly you have gained a County Court Judgment against a debtor and now are at a loss of what to do. You have a piece of paper in your hand telling you that the money is owed and payable yet nothing is forth coming. We are able to assist you with the final collection procedure either by using a route through the High Court or the use of a Statutory Demand. If you find yourself in this position and would like to finally collect your money.


We are ‘No Win No Fee’, with UK collection rates starting at 8% commission. International collections start from 12% commission. However on occasions we need to take matters legal. Legal action would NEVER be taken with out the full authority of our client. Every case is taken on an individual basis and our Legal Department quote before entering into any litigation either home or abroad. On most occasions the legal fees can be added to the monies owed by the debtor and therefore are requested from the debtor along with the outstanding money. We emphasize that where legal and lawfully possible these fees will be added to the debt. However in the event of non-payment by the debtor we would look to our client for settlement of the outstanding legal account.

Statutory Demand

A Statutory Demand must always be served on the debtor before a Bankruptcy Petition is entered into. It is important only to use a Statutory Demand when the debtor has no defense. If it is a disputed situation alternative collection methods can be employed. Once the Statutory Demand has run its course of 21 days and no payment has been forth coming, a Petition can be presented. In the case of an individual it is a Bankruptcy Petition and for a company a Winding Up Petition. This is an extremely quick and effective method of bringing a debt matter to a conclusion. The amount owed must be in excess of £750.00 and undisputed.

Process Serving

We have served documents successfully on a worldwide basis for a number of years. Our collection services and agents located around the world are familiar with the problems that may present themselves in their individual countries. We pride ourselves in being able to serve the documents in most cases within 72 hours from receipt.