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Commercial Debt Collection

We are specialists in commercial debt collection. The economy has picked up in the last couple of year therefore company owners are less afraid of investing in new projects. Now is the time to recover any monies that are rightfully owed to you. The longer you leave a debt outstanding the harder it becomes to collect. Our debt recovery agents are specialists in their field and will keep you up to date throughout the collection process. We only ask for minimal details from you for most cases and a short synopsis in writing so we get a good understanding of what occurred.

All we need:-

  • Debtor Informationcommercial-debt-collection
    1. Full name (of the person/company owing the money.)
    2. Addresses
    3. Email
    4. Phone
  • Debt Amount (exact)
  • Debt age
  • Any previous action taken
  • Notes of importance to the case.

We are a no win no fee debt collection agency. We work on a commission basis of 8% of any monies that we recover on your behalf. At Forensic Collections Ltd we also recover debts overseas, for this our commission starts at 12% ranging through 16% to 20%.

If you would like further information on our commercial debt collection services then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 009 0609 or email us at