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Debtor took the Creditors money

By on in debt collection

We recentley have had whad can only be described as the strangest of cases. A company owed another company in excess of £4,000. One of the directors promised payment in full from our first approach. He failed to make payment.

The creditor had two invoices outstanding with the debtor to the value of in excess of £4,000.00

Despite promises from the debtor which range from’ the invoice will be settled in full tomorrow’, ‘I have a loan being paid into my account’ and invoices will be settled from that, (No such loan, a total lie)’I will pay £500 every Tuesday,’ no payments made. ‘I will pay £100 every Friday’. And last of all ‘my father has the money but oh look he to failed to pay’. Just a catalogue of untruths. The latest is I’ve set up a standing order to pay every Friday. Fictitious bank texts which are clearly fraudulent. The debtor banks with the only bank that fails to honour ’Standing Orders’.

The Debtor owe the Creditor in excess of £4,000.00 for works carried out on the instructions of the Debtor. They of course owe others elsewhere.
The Creditor is a sign installation company. They were contacted by a Director of the Debtor and asked to do a days work for him at a Tesco express in St Leonards.

He told the Creditor he was working for another company. We are told even that company have an issue with the debtor and are unlikely to pay all that is owed to them.

The debtor was paid the debtor to get extra people in to cover work they were struggling to cover. The Creditor explained that they were a new company with a minimal cash flow and the Debtor offered to pay the Creditor one week after invoice if the Creditor would do some more work for him, which the Creditor agreed to.

Two invoices remain un-paid. Payment for both invoices was due in April 2014.

This matter is not disputed.

More promises of payment have been made than we care to mention.

The total paid so far amounts to £300.00.

We have asked the a director of the debtor, to pay what he can afford, no pressure, just a weekly or monthly amount. It would seem this is not possible either.

The debtor has been paid for this work and has simply taken the creditors money. Possibly used it for their personal use.

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