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High Court Costs

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On occasions we have collected monies for a client and then they fail to pay our invoice. We have an unusual case at the moment where a client approached us to collect in excess of £17,500. The client had already gained a County Court Judgement against the debtor for the total amount and offered a monthly payment of £25 a month. As you can imagine this was totally unacceptable to our client. Our advise was for us to instruct the High Court Enforcement Office. This was done and a few weeks later an offer was on the table for £16,500. Our client went over the head of the High Court Enforcement Officer and did a deal behind his back. The client accepted the £16,500, paid our collection percentage but failed to pay the High Court for their work although told an invoice would be coming. We are a client of the HCEO, so their invoice is down to us!

Now as the settlement was concluded without the High Court input. Their fees are calculated on the full amount owed plus all their costs. When our client was presented with an invoice for just shy of £2500.00. Guess what they decided not to pay!

Watch this space as we have now taken our client though the court process and shortly will report the outcome.

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