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Unbelievable – Solicitors

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It is unbelievable how many people get caught up with the myth that use a Solicitor and they will give good sound advise and naturally do the necessary checks prior to taking a debtor through the County Court process. Just last week a creditor gained a County Court Judgement for in excess of £10,000. Was given 14 days to pay and expected the debtor just to cough up. Firstly in the debtor’s defense the Judgment was unfair but worst of all. Did the Solicitors acting for the creditor look at the debtor before stinging their client for enormous fees…………….If we were the creditor, we would be asking lots of questions. Did you check, if we win can or will the creditor pay?

Is the creditor going to enforce the judgement? They can do……….further monies down the drain.

Watch this space, we will be reporting the outcome……

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