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Eygpt Collection

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International CollectionsAfter 10 months of tangling with the Egyptians we have today finally collected the last payment from what has been a very difficult debt collection situation. The debtor a large company connected to the film industry has been toying with us for months. However through our dogged determination we have today secured payment of £27,500 in full and final settlement.

Through out the whole collection exercise we have had to deal with more than a dozen different accounting employees, all based in different locations and in many cases different countries. All wanting to pass the buck and refuse to take control and pay the considerably outstanding invoices. Dealing with debtors in the UAE is never easy as religion seems to always get in the way and hinder the recovery.

I can safely report that in this case it has just been a case of grinding the debtor down and finally the last outstanding payment has been received.

Possibly one of the safest ways to do business in the Middle East is to take a credit report prior to engagement. Here at we can supply business to business international reports on almost any business where ever they are located in the world. Please call and request details and prices, it could save an enormous amount of heart ache. When the opportunity to trade internationally comes along, it is so tempting just to throw caution to the wind and supply goods or services without doing the correct due diligence first. For the sake of a phone call and no more than a couple of hundred pounds, piece of mind can be yours. Call us on 0800 009 6090, we can supply both UK reports and international.


Please take note in this instance our client could afford to be messed around a led a merry dance, the question is, if someone owes you money deal with it now. That individual or company may not be there tomorrow.

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