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Debt Collection in far away places

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At Debt Collection, we have on a number of occasions been approached to collect debts from rather obscure places. We research before confirming if a collection is possible or not. We will then talk to the would be client putting the facts and figures to them and explaining how the collection will take place. The majority of the time debt collection and recovery is the same the world over. We research the legal system and attempt to get an idea of the time scales involved along with costing. Often it is a case of following a procedure and as long as that is kept to a result will happen.

What is vital when dealing internationally is to check your customer out first, get hold of companies that have traded with them before. It is so easy to get excited when a large order comes in from a new customer but ask yourself. Why you, who else has been dealing with this company in this far away land? What will happen when they don’t pay? How will I recovery my money? Is it better to not take the risk? Will my company suffer if we were to lose this amount of money?

It is very easy for us to take a credit report and at least tell you what has gone before. When we take on a new client, we always give them an up to date credit report of the company they have the issue with.

Debt Collection has seen enough situations making it easy to spot the companies that are unlikely to pay. Just imagine you’ve made a sale in China, the Chinese company now won’t pay. You call them, they immediately speak chinese when they hear an english speaking voice. What do you do? Do you know how to recover monies in China?

In China, debt recovery companies are forbidden, did you know that? We at Debt Collection have relationships with a number of english speaking Lawyers who assist us with our debt collection.

In the event of you reading this and thinking, this company is talking about us? Pick up the phone or e-mail us at: perhaps we can help?

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