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Statutory Demand

By on in debt collection

At Debt Collection we are great believers that Statutory Demands used correctly can bring closure on a debt situation in a simple and straightforward process.

Often we are having to look at the reasons why a Statutory Demand is used over a County Court Summons. The County Court as a rule is long-winded and not effective. If you win your case and need the use of a Bailiff forget it, they are not effective.
At Debt Collection, we use the services of the High Court Enforcement Officer. The advantage is, it is inexpensive yet very effective. The officer charges a commission to the debtor and seldom does he leave the debtor empty handed.
With a Statutory Demand, in the event of non-settlement we proceed to bankruptcy, seldom does the process go the whole way but if it does generally it means the debtor has lost control and bankruptcy is the easy option.

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