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Investment Swindle

By on in debt recovery

Many attempts to recover the outstanding monies have been made over the years. It’s a big warning to anyone who goes into a business transaction with a friend, hands cash over and fails to get anything in writing.

In this case everything was done on a hand shake. To make matters far worse C’s parents were great friends with R’s parents and just to add insult to injury. R married into C’s family.

R as said before continues to shirk off this act of theft so much so he had the gall to claim harassment when C sent him with a number of text messages confirming payment would be wanted at an agreed meeting.

So in this case the thief R, hinds behind the criminal law. Yet he is a criminal himself. Actually a convicted fraudster.

The only good thing in C’s favour is R never knows when this matter may well raise its head again………to be continued.

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