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Investment Swindle

By on in debt collection

Continuing regarding the Investment Swindle.

These were two friends but like so many friendships when money gets involved, friendship goes out the window and greed takes over.

It this particular case, the property concerned located in Banbury, Oxfordshire when purchased had yet to be built. Upon completion the property was put on the market and then marketed through Estate Agents.
For simplicity we shall call the friends C & R. C put up the cash, R got the mortgage. R sold the property and took the prize, the £40,000 which included the £5,000 stake put in by C.
From a debt collection point of view, C has made it known that this money was owed year in year out. R who is a cheat and lier just continues to give the air of someone who has done nothing wrong.

In reality he has stolen the money and we suspect will be paying it back in the fairly near future…….
To be continued………..

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