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Bankruptcy Petition

By on in Bankruptcy, debt collection

Last Friday June 8th, we appeared along with Council in the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, London in an attempt to bankrupt an individual who by all accounts had run up over two million pounds worth of debt.

Over a quarter of a million unsecured. At the eleventh hour he paid our clients debt of just over £10,000! It would appear in this economic climate one has to take some people or companies right to the wire before payment is made.

Months and months of work, serving of a Statutory Demand, court appearances, serving of a Bankruptcy Petition finally culminated in the hearing and the debtor produced the total amount of money outstanding and also will now pay all costs totaling over £2000.00.

At Debt Collection, we are firm but fair. In the case described above the debtor did all he could. Firstly to avoid service of the Statutory Demand which eventually had to be served by way of substituted service.

Then he attempted to have the demand thrown out but eventually we went on to serve the Petition and  with determination from ourselves we recovered the outstanding monies.

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